Hot Melt Clearance Inventory

As this inventory is first come, first serve, available quantities may differ at the time of ordering.

Please note, while this material meets STA’s high quality standards and specifications, all sales will be final due to changing of vendors.

Your Account Manager will be happy to assist with any questions. Purchase orders can be emailed to

PartSize (mm/M)Rolls per CaseCases On Hand
1616C - Clear 1.6 Mil48x5036156
1616C - Clear 1.6 Mil48x10036810
1616C - Clear 1.6 Mil72x100241129
1616C - Clear 1.6 Mil48x9146805
1616C - Clear 1.6 Mil72x9144998
1616T - Tan 1.6 Mil48x503668
1616T - Tan 1.6 Mil48x10036133
1616T - Tan 1.6 Mil72x10024220
1619C - Clear 1.9 Mil48x10036137
1619C - Clear 1.9 Mil72x10024152
1619C - Clear 1.9 Mil48x9146335
1619C - Clear 1.9 Mil72x9144458
1619T - Tan 1.9 Mil48x10036268