2570 Medium Duty – Nominal 60 # Water Activated Tape

Typical Applications:
Medium Duty Paper Gummed Sealing Tape



Nominal 60 pound Kraft Paper


High Tack Modified Non-Toxic and Odorless Starch



Physical Properties

Tensile Strength (lbs/in) Machine Direction:



(ASTM D3759**)

Tensile Strength (lbs/in) Cross Machine Direction:



(ASTM D3759)

Elongation (% at break):



(ASTM D3759)

Government Specifications

Complies with ASTM D5749-01 Type II***

Application & Operating Conditions:

The conditions at which the tape is unwound and applied to the substrate. Under normal conditions, the tape should unwind and adhere properly and perform as normally expected. The tape should be used within 1 year of the date of shipment.

Notes: The information listed above has been obtained from controlled laboratory tests and is reliable, but should not be used for the purpose of writing specifications. It is offered in good faith, but without guarantee, as conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control. It is recommended that the prospective user determine their suitability before adopting them on a commercial scale.

* Pressure Sensitive Tape Council
** ASTM Standard D3759, “Standard Test Method for Tensile Strength and Elongation of Pressure Sensitive Tapes” ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA. DOI: 10.1520/D3759, D3759-05, www.astm.org.
***ASTM Standard D5749-01 (2006), “Standard Specification for Reinforced and Plain Gummed Tape for Sealing and Securing”ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA. DOI: 10.1520/D5749-01R06 www.astm.org.