1081C High Tack Acrylic Tape


Looking for an extra tacky carton sealing tape without paying premium tape prices? Try STA’s new 1081C High Tack acrylic tape. Product 1081C can provide a higher level of adhesion compared to many standard 2.0, 2.3 or even 2.4 mil tapes.

Reasons to try product 1081C:

      • Good for more challenging substrates such as recycled content cartons.
      • Designed to perform through broad temperature ranges from hot and humid to cold and damp.
      • Provides an extra secure bond on light to moderate weight cartons up to 35 lbs.

STA acrylic adhesive provides long-term holding power in a wider temperature range than hot melts. The proven performance of our packaging tapes are supported through the use of 100% Dow PS Acrylic Adhesives.

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