Contract Coating and Converting

Contract Coating

STA is an Industry Leader in the application of sustainable aqueous adhesives, UV inks and primer coatings. STA has earned the reputation of providing innovative solutions to the challenging issues presented by the ever-changing converting and packaging industries.

STA maintains a staff of technicians and industry professionals. Our professionals provide customer technical support in addition to offering customer-specific training. STA’s Specialty and Toll Coating manufacturing and process engineers have decades of adhesive coating experience. Our coating lines are continuously upgraded with new technology to achieve higher quality and faster turnaround times.

STA Coating Capabilities

•  Coating Widths Up to 80″
•  Speeds Up to 300 M/Min.
•  Direct or Offset Gravure & Mayer Rod
•  UV Curing
•  In-Line Corona Treatment
•  Tandem Coating – Same or Opposite Sides
•  Flexographic Printing
•  Pre-Conditioning
•  Excellent Tension Control & Web Handling
•  Turreted Unwinds & Rewinds
•  Independent Drying Zones – Up to 200°C
•  Challenging Substrates Experience

Contract Converting

STA’s experience with modern slitting equipment gives us the ability to convert most materials including tape, film and paper as well as printed and coated materials. We specialize in developing innovative techniques for optimum slitting efficiency and welcome the opportunity of meeting your custom slitting requirements.

STA Converting Capabilities

•  Multiple Custom-Build Slitting Assets
•  Slitting Widths Available From 1″ to 80″
•  Slit Width Tolerance 0.0625″
•  Slitting Techniques Include: Razor, Score & Shear Cut
•  Standard 3″ & 6″ ID Cores With Others Available Upon Request

Committed to customer service, STA is staffed to effectively partner with customers to provide satisfaction and exceed all expectations.