Acrylic or Hot Melt Adhesive Tape?

While both tapes have their benefits, STA acrylic adhesive tapes outperform hot melt tapes in many key categories. Our acrylic tapes withstand wider application and operating temperature ranges as well as offer excellent resistance to aging and yellowing.

Time is the downfall of hot melts. Age, light and elements cause hot melt adhesives to yellow and the tape to fall off the box. The result is packaging with weak seals and product that appears old.

STA has fine-tuned the art and science of manufacturing high quality acrylic carton sealing tape that ensures consistent, clear performance time after time.

Let our experts help you select the right acrylic tape!

Watch a head-to-head time lapse video of STA’s acrylic tape against a well-known brand of hot melt tape on our Support & Media page.